Stylist Profile : Erol Karadag

Place of Birth : Istanbul

Q: What is your first memory of hair? 

A: I have four older sisters , all with gorgeous hair. I remember playing with their locks and brushing them down at a very young age. It was a lot of fun , still is! 

Q: What is your favorite era for hair? 

A: I don't have favorites , instead I draw on a wide variety of styles - historically significant and presently inspired. 

Q: Who would be your dream client? 

A: Fashion magazine cover page models and celebrities. 

Q: Which other talent would you most like to have? 

A: I would have been a soccer player if I had not loved hair so much. 

Q: Where do you look for inspiration? 

A: Ideas find me everywhere - a person's face ,  an event , a feeling or a sound all have an equal chance of stirring up a vision that could manifest in the form of hair.